Surveillance & Physical Security

Video Surveillance

Ranging from light-weight recording for small-scaled systems to enterprise-grade solutions that monitors virtually unlimited number of cameras, coupled with interactive floorplan layout and robust events tracking. Cameras are professional grade, IP Full HD, Power over ethernet (PoE) and compact.

Integrated Security

Integrate Fence Intrusion Detection Systems (FIDS), IP/Analog CCTV, Building Management Systems (BMS), Public Announcement Systems (PA) to collate an unified security and monitoring platform. Targeted at public utilities with multiple facilities. Typical applications include Baggage/Cargo handling, High security facilities, Energy industries.

Wireless Mobile Surveillance

Fully automated on-board surveillance solution. Video footage is wireless transmitted to centralized location, with up to 16-ch concurrent playback, and retrieval of video with full player functions. Targeted at transportation systems such as buses, patrol cars, trains and rail, money trucks.

Audio over internet

Make live announcement or pre-recorded audio messages to multiple selected sites or offices over the LAN or web. Suitable for schools, office buildings or service providers with multiple sites.

Intelligent Video

Seamlessly fused video surveillance with intelligence such as License Plate Recognition technology. The license number detected will be displayed on live view, and easily searched for playback. Operator is alerted for fast action on detection of unrecognized vehicles.

Access control systems

Ranging from small standalone systems to enterprise multi-door controllers. Incident management integrated with video surveillance.

Solar Wireless

Eco-friendly and cost saving in the long run, solar powered security cameras provide 24-hour surveillance both during daytime and night, irrespective of adverse weather conditions. Solar powered CCTV are especially popular for remote locations where running cables is overly expensive or tedious.


The role of network infrastructure on security and surveillance has never been as important than now. We offer a vast range of connectivity options that has unrivalled reliability, performance and resilience, coupled with extensive security features. From intelligent building management to island-wide surveillance, we are resolved to design a network infrastructure is scalable and future-proof.


Reliable and efficient storage for your most mission critical systems, like surveillance video. Ranging from cost-effective data storage to enterprise grade systems, we provide scalable and flexible storage solutions for different installations.

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