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We are a solutions company who provide products as well as design & support services for Physical Security and Information Technology. Based in Singapore, our systems are deployed mainly in Government, Public Utilities, Transportation, Homeland Security, Data Centers and Education. Equipped with a strong team of solution architects, software developers, engineers and technical support, we offer a complete suite of services ranging from consultancy, system design, deployment and excellent after-sales technical support

We believe in putting customers' interest before ours and strongly value their feedback. By constantly upkeeping ourselves with the latest technology, we create value by tailoring a solution that is unique to customers' needs. At Syspro, we love our work and you can be assured that we tackle each project with 100% enthusiasm and committment.

what we offer

Products & services

We provide a wide spectrum of products ranging from cost-effective standalone systems to enterprise grade solutions.

Customised Software

Our in-house software team specialises in integrating systems and customising a solution to suit your unique requirements.

Solutions Architect

Backed by a diversified team of engineers, we constantly keep ourselves au fait with the latest technologies.

Project Management

The key to project success is timely communication and managing potential risk. We always plan a step of others and forge ahead.